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If you’re looking for one of the best yoga studios Melbourne CBD, you’ve come to the right place! Repose Yoga is a space dedicated to teaching yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques that help to improve your wellbeing.
We take a fun, modern approach to yoga and centre accessibility, making yoga practice an enjoyable experience for everyone.
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Embrace less stress in your life

Stress levels have never been higher than they are today. With all the pressures of work, family, commitments, responsibilities and the general demands of living in the modern world, how can you possibly deal with it all?

The problem: many of us don’t. This can have some pretty big consequences on our body, our health, and our overall wellbeing.

Yoga allows you to take a pause, to make space and free yourself from all the strain involved in your everyday life. Whether it’s the static poses of Hatha yoga, strengthening your body, or the seamless dance of Vinyasa flow yoga, you’re sure to find a style that speaks to you.

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What can you expect from one of the classes at our yoga studios Melbourne CBD?

The type of poses and movements you do during a session will depend on the style of yoga and class that you choose. However, most classes will include meditation and breathing exercises to enhance the calming effect of your yoga practice.

Unlike many of the other yoga studios Melbourne CBD, Repose Yoga studio has a limited number of student places in each class. We offer smaller class sizes for two reasons:

  1. So that you can get the individual attention and support you need to perfect your poses
  2. To create a smaller, more intimate community of yoga students

We strive to cultivate a group of friendly, supportive individuals – after all, we’re all on this journey together!

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Our yoga classes Melbourne CBD

We offer a wide variety of yoga classes at our Melbourne CBD yoga studio designed for both beginners and masters. You can find out more about each style of yoga we teach below. 

Our Melbourne CBD  yoga classes are available both at our studio in Mount Waverley or via Zoom.

All levels and beginners yoga classes Melbourne CBD

Hatha yoga 

Hatha yoga is what comes to mind when most people think of yoga: being guided by an instructor through a number of poses, which you then hold for a certain amount of time. This is a slow style of yoga that focuses on perfecting postures and breathing techniques. 

Restorative yoga

For those who need to take a slower pace in their yoga practice, this class is made for you!

During your session, you will be guided through some gentle stretches at your own pace. Perfect for beginners, those who are recovering from injuries or surgeries, women looking for prenatal yoga, and others with limited mobility. 

Morning flow classes

The slow flow of this class is exactly what you need for a productive start to the day. Open to beginner and more advanced students, you will be guided through the essential range of movements that your body needs to thrive. 

We also concentrate on a set of special breathing techniques that are unique to this yoga class with the power to relax and control the body.

Intermediate yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga

This form of yoga resembles a dance as students fluidly move from one posture to another – unlike Hatha and other styles, you will not hold each pose for long. Each Vinyasa class is different, with no set order of postures. 

The aim of this class is to achieve a good flow of movement; as such, you should have a strong understanding of alignment and a good sense of balance. 

Hot yoga

Hot yoga is designed to mimic the environment of India, where the practice first began. As such, our hot yoga classes are held in a studio heated to 33–41 degrees (depending on the number of participants in the room and their comfort). This warms the body and makes stretching easier. 

Yoga and meditation can be more tricky in this humid space, meaning a beginner may struggle with this class. 

Special offer: Enjoy unlimited classes for 10 days after your first session (in our Melbourne CBD studio and via Zoom) for just $19!

Benefits of yoga

Although best known for its ability to help people with relaxation, yoga actually has a number of other benefits for both the body and mind. 

Yoga has been known to:

– Improve balance, muscle strength, and coordination

– Improve flexibility and joint health

– Improve fitness

– Reduce inflammation

– Improve heart health and circulation, reducing the risk of heart disease

– Reduce high blood pressure

– Combat insomnia and improve sleep quality

– Reduce chronic pain

– Relieve migraines 

In terms of the mental aspect, yoga is a mood booster and helps with mental clarity, sharpening your concentration.

It is also a great tool to help manage some of the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD; if used in conjunction with therapy and medication (if needed), its effect is even greater. 

The control over the breath, which regulates the nervous system, and the focus on being in the present moment helps moderate anxiety symptoms. Yoga also decreases cortisol levels, which interferes with serotonin production (associated with depression).

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Yoga for recovery

Certain types of yoga have been proven to be an asset for those with limited physical mobility, especially if you are recovering from an injury or surgery. 

To ensure that you have the best experience possible and that we can help you with your mobility goals, we work closely with doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. We can accommodate your ability level and pace, allowing you to go as fast or as slow on the mat as you need. 

Not sure whether yoga will be right for you? Reach out to our Melbourne CBD studio and we’ll be happy to help you find a class that will meet your requirements.

Prenatal yoga

Not only is prenatal yoga a great way to maintain fitness during pregnancy, but it has some pretty good benefits for both you and bub. Yoga helps with:

– Sleep

– Stress and anxiety

– Strength and flexibility (especially the muscles needed for birth)

– Breath control and breathing techniques

Of course, not all types of yoga will be suitable for you. Doctors typically recommend Hatha, restorative yoga and special prenatal yoga classes, if available.

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