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Welcome to Repose Yoga, a vibrant community of yoga lovers in Melbourne.
Our yoga classes are available both in our Mount Waverley yoga studio and via Zoom for your convenience – join us today!

The practice of yoga is an ancient tradition stemming all the way back to Northern India, 5000 years ago. For thousands of years, humans have embraced this practice as a way to balance the body and mind and improve wellbeing – now it’s your turn!

Repose Yoga is all about making yoga and meditation more accessible to the people of Melbourne, with individualised support and a gentle, slow flow. We take a fun, modern approach and help our students embrace all the benefits that yoga can bring to your life. 

What makes us one of the best yoga studios in Melbourne?

As one of the best yoga studios in Melbourne, you are guaranteed a quality yoga experience. 

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned pro, our yoga classes Melbourne are tailored to suit your needs and activity level. Each of our classes are accessible for beginners and you will receive the support you need to perfect your poses. 

With our smaller class sizes, we are able to foster a real sense of community within our groups, creating a supportive environment for students to learn in. We’re all about fun and flexibility at Repose – a studio should be an enjoyable and relaxing space, and we’re here to ensure that all members of our classes walk away from our sessions with an improved physical and mental state.  

We don’t just focus on fitness or nailing yoga poses – we take a holistic approach to yoga in Melbourne that aims to bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Meet your teacher at yoga classes Melbourne

Training since she was ten years old, Puneeta Chauhan has been practicing and teaching yoga for over two decades. Before moving to Melbourne, she was a successful yoga instructor in Singapore and London, teaching Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga internationally.
Puneeta has become a trusted yoga instructor in Melbourne, teaching yoga, meditation, and everything you need to live a balanced life.
Join Puneeta for a yoga class today and see why she is considered one of the best teachers in Melbourne by many. Beginners welcome!

Our yoga classes Melbourne

At Repose Yoga, we teach various styles of yoga suitable for beginners and experts alike. View our range of yoga and meditation classes below. 

All levels and beginners yoga Melbourne
Hatha yoga 

Our hatha flow yoga is what you have probably come to know as traditional yoga, using the body and breath to realign and calm ourselves. Hatha is commonly used to improve overall fitness, relieve stress and muscle pain, and help with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and addiction. 

You will be slowly guided by Puneeta through a number of asanas (yoga poses) designed to stretch the body and breathing exercises that enhance the experience.

This class is suitable for beginners and can accommodate those with injuries and physical limitations. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in yoga studio or via Zoom)

Restorative yoga

Yoga can be a great way for those with injuries or limited mobility to recover, stretching their muscles and improving their movement range. This class is all about gentle, slow movements that get you used to motion and help to improve flexibility.

This class is great for beginners, older students, those with injuries or recovering from surgery, and anyone else who may have limited mobility. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in yoga studio or via Zoom)

Morning flow classes

This class is designed for those who are after a powerful start to the day, helping them find their flow. 

Slow guidance through a variety of poses ensures that your body experiences the full range of motion it requires for wellbeing, loosening up all those tight muscles, and is especially effective when done several times a week. 

This yoga class focuses on unique breathing techniques for meditation and relaxation that are not taught in any of our other classes, helping you to take control of your breath and therefore your stress response. 

This is a mixed-level class – beginners and experts alike – and is tailored to your individual needs. 

Duration: 40 minutes (held in yoga studio)


yoga classes melbourne
yoga studios melbourne

Intermediate yoga

Vinyasa yoga

Our vinyasa flow yoga Melbourne is designed for students with more experience and those with a strong understanding of alignment. In this class, Puneeta will guide you as you flow from asana to asana as if dancing. It is an elegant, balanced style of yoga that allows your body to experience a variety of motions.

‘Vinyasa’ comes from ‘vi’ (variation) and ‘nyasa’ (within prescribed parameters). No two vinyasa classes are the same, with the different combination of asanas preventing repetitive motion injuries and adding some novelty to your regular practice. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in yoga studio or via Zoom)

Hot yoga

Our hot yoga classes are intended to mimic India’s climate for a more immersive and holistic experience. 

Performed in a Melbourne studio heated to 33–41° (depending on the amount of participants in the room and their comfort), this yoga practice is a great way to systematically work each part of the body. The heat warms the muscles quicker, allowing for greater flexibility, and has a bunch of health benefits including improved cardiovascular activity and skin health. 

Keep in mind that while hot yoga is healthy for most students, others may not do well with heat and experience some negative effects. We’ve done everything we can to provide a safe environment for our participants; however, you must remain hydrated and, if you do feel as if you are overheating, take a break whenever needed. 

As hot yoga can be quite challenging, we would recommend that you ease your way into yoga practice with one of our other classes first. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in yoga studio)

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