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Our Melbourne yoga classes are available both in our Mount Waverley studio and via Zoom. 

When it comes to balance – both in your body and in your life – you can’t beat yoga.

We offer both general yoga (Hatha) and a variety of other styles, suitable for beginners and yoga masters alike. All of our Ashwood classes involve meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to ensure that you get the most out of each of our sessions. 

By the time you walk away from our yoga courses, you’ll have enough energy to take on anything that comes your way!

A studio that focuses on strength and support

Our Ashwood yoga studio is designed to provide the perfect environment for yoga and meditation. 

Our small class sizes allow us to offer personal guidance through each of our sessions when needed and has resulted in an amazing community of students, all willing to support each other in their journey. 

We strive to create a peaceful environment that gives you the space to relax and find a deep sense of peace. With enough practice, you will soon be able to perfect the poses, control your breath and embrace calm.

Yoga Classes Ashwood
Corporate Yoga Ashwood

All are welcome

Repose accepts students of all sorts, regardless of their experience or mobility level. 

We’ve developed working relationships with a number of doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths, allowing us to provide tailored instruction for students recovering from injuries, prenatal women and those with limited mobility. 

Not sure whether our Ashwood yoga studio will be right for you? Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

What are the benefits of yoga classes Ashwood?

Yoga is all about holistic health, focusing on improving the mind and body. Through regular practice, you will soon start to see a range of positive adjustments in terms of your physical and mental health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. 

Some of the ways that yoga can help include:

– Improving your balance, strength, and overall physical fitness

– Stress relief

– Relaxation

– Relieving back and muscle pain

– Improving quality of sleep

– Managing anxiety/depression symptoms

– And more!

Want to see how Ashwood yoga can improve your life? Join us for a class today!

Our Ashwood yoga classes

Meet your yoga teacher at yoga classes Ashwood

Puneeta Chauhan has been teaching yoga for over two decades, specialising in Hatha. Before moving to Australia, she travelled and taught in both Singapore and London, honing her craft. 

Eventually, she settled here in Victoria and opened her studio with the aim to bring a fun, modern yoga approach to the people of Melbourne. She is passionate about providing the support and encouragement her students need, focusing on proper technique and alignment.

Yoga Classes Ashwood

We teach a number of classes in Ashwood for students of all levels. At our studio, yoga practice is designed to be an enjoyable way of achieving balance and finding your centre. 

Hatha yoga Ashwood

If you’re looking for yoga classes Ashwood where you are slowly guided through the postures in order to master them, this is for you. Great for all skill and mobility levels. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in studio or via Zoom)

Restorative yoga Ashwood

With gentle movements and a slow pace, this class allows you to stretch the body and ensure that you are getting the range of motions needed for healthy living. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in studio or via Zoom)

Vinyasa Ashwood

This is a style of Ashwood yoga that is less about the posture and more about the flow. It is a dance-like practice, in which students seamlessly move the body through each of the poses. 

A solid understanding of alignment is required for this class, as well as a good sense of balance. Recommended for intermediate yoga students only.

Duration: 1 hour (held in studio or via Zoom)

Corporate yoga Ashwood

Interested in trying out corporate yoga in Ashwood? 

Unlike many corporate yoga studios in Ashwood, we don’t base our practice on Bikram yoga. Instead, we have developed our own flexible practice, performing a variety of yoga poses in a room warmed to 33–41 degrees. 

Duration: 1 hour (held in studio)


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