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Hatha is a traditional form of yoga that is suitable for all sorts of students: any age, fitness or ability level. Our Melbourne yoga classes are available both in our Mount Waverley yoga studio and via Zoom.

What is Hatha yoga Melbourne?

Hatha yoga Melbourne is usually what comes to mind when you think of traditional ‘yoga’. Focusing on the body, mind and breath, you will be guided through an hour-long Hatha yoga classes Melbourne that will stretch and realign your neuromuscular system. 

Some say that the Sanskrit word ‘hatha’ comes from ‘ha’ (‘sun’) and ‘tha’ (‘moon’); both these energies exist in our bodies and the aim of yoga practice is to unite and harmonise them. While the central idea – balancing ourselves and moving towards a single, unified self – is accurate, the word ‘hatha’ actually translates to ‘effort’, ‘force’ or ‘exertion’. This is an apt description, as Hatha is a yoga style that is very dependent on movement and physical yoga poses or postures.

Focusing on both Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques and breath control), you will slowly move through the different postures, holding each one to let the body stretch. Our yoga class will end with meditation, helping you to relax and preparing you for the rest of the day ahead. 

This is a more relaxed style of yoga compared to Vinyasa or some of our other yoga classes. If you’re new to yoga, want to focus on your core and posture, or just want to relax, this is a great class for you!

hatha yoga classes melbourne
yoga melbourne

The supportive space you need

When it comes to beginner-friendly yoga classes, Hatha yoga Melbourne is the perfect way to start. 
Our small class sizes allow us to create a real sense of community and provide personalised instruction to members.
Beginners need a little bit of extra attention at the start, but don’t worry – our instructor will be able to focus on perfecting your poses and breathing techniques.
You’ll be a yoga master in no time!

Accessible Hatha yoga classes Melbourne

Everyone should be able to enjoy the relaxation and benefits that come with Hatha yoga classes Melbourne. Hatha is the perfect way to introduce yourself to meditation and yoga, with its slow pace and focus on static postures. 

We work with doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths so that we can help any students with injuries or other limitations and develop a tailored instruction method. 

We welcome those recovering from injuries and surgeries, prenatal women and those with limited mobility.

Not sure if our yoga classes will be right for you? Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to give you more information and accommodate your needs.

The ultimate workout for your body and mind

Hatha has been proven to improve overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Below are just some of the benefits that this gentle yoga style has on your mind and body. 

Physical benefits

Core strength

While you may not get that six-pack you’ve dreamed of, yoga is an excellent exercise that targets the core and strengthens your abdominal muscles. This can help reduce back pain, as well as improve posture.


Hatha is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, and your overall balance. Attending a Hatha yoga classes Melbourne regularly will allow you to practice poses that train your sense of balance, helping you to improve. 


Those who practice yoga are often able to sleep better, sleep longer and fall into a deep sleep faster, allowing them to feel better rested. 


For women experiencing menopause, Hatha can help to relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep problems, and depression. Research has found that menopausal women who regularly practice yoga report better overall health and quality of life.

hatha yoga melbourne
hatha yoga classes melbourne

Mental and emotional benefits

Stress reduction and relief

Hatha has been shown to be a powerful way of reducing tension and bringing a sense of calm to practitioners.

Managing depression/anxiety

Hatha can be an effective tool to help relieve some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Not only does it help to overcome the uncomfortable sensations in your body, but it can also help to quell negative thoughts, panic and stress.

Participating in a yoga class at our studio is also a great way to socialise with others.

Meet your Hatha teacher

For over two decades, Puneeta Chauhan has taught Hatha here in Australia and worldwide, training students in Singapore and the UK.

She aims to provide everyone in Melbourne who wants to practice yoga – no matter their ability – with a warm and inviting studio space to practice.

Hatha not your thing? Try one of our other

Hatha yoga classes Melbourne!

We offer a number of yoga classes in Melbourne, VIC, for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

From the slow morning flow to hot yoga and Vinyasa flow, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you,

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