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Looking to improve employee performance and wellbeing? Corporate yoga is the perfect solution. Our corporate classes are available before, during and after work hours, both at your location and via Zoom. 

Employee stress levels are on the rise and burnout is becoming increasingly common. If you want productive employees, your organisation needs to focus on physical and mental wellbeing. 

There is lots of research that confirms the benefits of yoga in the workplace. A recent study from Occupational Health found that corporate yoga Melbourne can have a significant impact on employees’ mental health, helping to relieve stress and improve overall well being. 

Our workplace yoga and meditation programs are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to pros. We provide corporate yoga and meditation classes for Melbourne companies, organisations, local councils, and more.

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corporate yoga classes melbourne
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Tailored to your company

Every organisation is unique, as are your employees. We can tailor our yoga sessions towards your goals, whether you want to focus more on fitness or meditation (or both), the time you have allotted for yoga practice and more. 

Whatever it is that your organisation needs, our Melbourne yoga studio will be able to accommodate. Contact us today to see how we can design a custom yoga plan for you.

The benefits of corporate yoga Melbourne

Yoga has been practiced for centuries as a way to encourage balance between one’s physical and emotional states. More recently, organisations in Australia and around the world have found that corporate yoga Melbourne is a great way to support employee mental health, create bonding experiences, and improve the overall workplace culture. 

Corporate yoga has been linked to:

– Improved physical and emotional wellbeing

– Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

– Greater productivity

– Greater harmony as a team

Happier employees are hardworking employees

Happier employees work up to 13% harder than unhappy ones and are much more likely to stick around for longer. Yoga is known to be an effective mood booster, helping you create a healthy, happy team. 

Additionally, organisations that invest in employee wellbeing are more likely to be viewed as a good workplace, earning approximately 89% of worker recommendations. 

More movement = more motivation

We live increasingly sedentary lives, and this is especially true for corporate workers. Having a dedicated time to stretch and get in a wide range of motion is absolutely essential for improved health and fitness. This can prevent sore muscles and stiffness while improving posture and flexibility. 

Yoga is also known to improve blood circulation and increase employee energy throughout the work day, preventing that slump and loss of productivity. 

The perfect balance

Work-life balance is something many people struggle with. Taking some time to focus on mental and physical health is a great way to encourage your staff to start taking better care of themselves (which will in turn make them better employees).

Wellbeing initiatives like corporate yoga classes Melbourne have been proven to help employees, with 61% agreeing that they make healthier lifestyle choices as a result. 

Effective team building

The social time your team spends together accounts for more than 50% of positive communication patterns. Yoga classes provide your group with a space to bond and spend quality time together, resulting in better collaboration and communication as a whole.

corporate yoga melbourne
corporate yoga melbourne

Meet your yoga teacher at corporate yoga Melbourne

Puneeta Chauhan is a Melbourne wellness specialist, focusing on yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques. She is a yoga instructor at Repose Yoga in Mount Waverley and teaches a number of yoga classes for beginners and experts, including Hatha and Vinyasa.

With over two decades of experience teaching yoga in Australia and internationally, Puneeta is well-informed about the needs of corporate clients and can tailor your sessions to help you get the most value. 

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