Repose yoga offers an approach to positive health and wellbeing based on the ancient teachings of Dru Yoga.

Have you tried yoga before and found it too difficult? At repose yoga we believe that yoga is not about tying yourself in knots, but rather untying the knots!

Our classes are relaxing, restorative and deeply healing. You will leave feeling centred, calmed and balanced, with renewed energy levels and enhanced self esteem.

What is yoga?

Yoga means union – union of body, mind and spirit. Being in union or at one with ourselves means accepting ourselves exactly as we are in the present moment, and honouring the perfection of that. When we are at one with ourselves we feel at peace with our life and with the world around us. Our thoughts, intentions and actions come into alignment, allowing us to easily and effortlessly live the life we love.

The pace and demands of modern life often leave us feeling stressed and out of balance. It is easy to lose our connection to our inner sense of self, to the peace and stillness that exist within us all.

Yoga offers us a wide variety of techniques and practices which help us to reconnect to our centre of balance. Whether you prefer the movement work, breathing practices, relaxation techniques or meditation, yoga offers something for everyone to improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The union of yoga refers to our connection not only to our selves but also to each other and the natural world. Yoga can help to deepen this feeling of oneness and connection, bringing a wonderful sense of belonging, gratitude and joy. We come to know and understand our selves more intimately, and with this knowledge learn to live our lives with more clarity and purpose. As our relationship to our selves deepens, so our relationships with others are enhanced as we approach each other from a place of inner peace and harmony. Outer circumstances lose their power to unsettle us as we identify more clearly with the strength and wisdom within us. We are empowered to take meaningful and positive actions in the world, and experience a knowing that all is well.

Om Shanti.

May all beings be at peace. May all beings find the true peace in their own hearts.

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